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The pleasure of driving an electric car goes further than not contaminating the urban environment, than being conscious about the importance of taking care of the environment or than to know that another kind of transport is possible. The feelings driving a 100% magentic-electric engine can only be lived if you take the seat and you press the starter button. Noise disappear and shakes from combustion engines too, and you notice that you are about to discover a new concept and driving level where the silent power makes a difference. 

We are so passionat about driving electric vehicles

That is how "VehiclesElèctrics" born, being conscious about the importance of electricity as a very useful energy for the transport of people. It appeared strongly by the end of XIX century thanks to scientists as Nikola Tesla (AC power) or Thomas Edison (direct current) that let moving from fluid physics (mechanics) to the adoption of new propulsion systems. Nonetheless, more than a century after it seemed that fossil fuel was the only option to means of transport. Even though, Elon Musk wanted to show that another kind of industry in automovilism was possible, he proposed the massive production of electric cars with autonomy enough for the needs of the major part of the people and he created a recharging infrastructure to help them to stablish.

The way to electricity's "normalization"

In Spain, pure electric cars' percentage maybe it is not as high as we want, but the fact that this kind of vehicles are being brought to the market slowly doesn't mean that anyone who drives an electric car will return to the XIX Century contaminant system because, maybe... this person "knows it".

About VehiclesElèctrics.cat (ElectricCars.cat)

"Vehicles Elèctrics" (Electric Cars) born as a Bufet Aguilera law firm's iniciative, with the objective of fomenting electric cars imports in Spain. The company EXPORTADORS AGUILERA, S.L.U., law firm's property, is able to be in charge of the imports, the exports and the intra-comunity acquisitions.

"In Stock" vehicles are available in Sanr Feliu de Codines, Barcelona, Spain; and "prior reservation" vehicles are in warehouses at the north of Europe, waiting to be enrolled (in these cases the estimated delivery time is 12 days).

EXPORTADORS AGUILERA, S.L.U. is a company registred in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, domiciled in Barcelona Streed, num. 68 local, in Sant Feliu de Codines (08182, Barcelona), and C.I.F. number: B-66154543, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona at the volume 44.068, page 191, sheet B-446308 first registration.

Telephone number: +34 931889798      Fax: +34 935504389

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