Buying a Second-Hand car.

It can be a good option because you can acquire a high range vehicle at a price that can be reduced till a 70% from the cost of a new car (depending on age and miling). As easy as chosing the car that you want from the ones that we offer in VehiclesElè, signing the change of name (and finance, if the case) ¡and starting enjoying it! Take the plunge, leave fuel, ¡all money saved will show you that changing to the silent energy is worthwile! We are sure that when you try it... you won't want to change it.

Customized vehicles searching

We don't always have the model and vehicle that you might need, so, VehiclesElèctrics commits to search any second-hand vehicle that you want, it doesn't matter where it is, and to deliver it as near from you as it is possible: Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Tesla model X, Chevrolet Volt, and much more...

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